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Problem with Nintendo Wii Problem with Nintendo Wii

Rated 0 / 5 stars

obviously you need a story line!!!!

You'll have a wristband on the wii remote and nobody ( except you probobally) would be stupid enough to throw their remote at a screen!
The last person can shove a **** **** ** & *** ** ** up their *** ***.
wii graphics are much better than that flash!
alright so what!
The PS3 has better graphics!
The games ARE BETTER on the wii!
The PS3 has motion sensors only to car games!
So as I was saying.
you need a storyline!
not a stupid kid throwing a controller at a screen!
trust me!
your flash will get 90% percent chance of good reviews with a storyline.
p.s. sorry for the argument in my review.

bkdude responds:

little kids and even adults dont like straps, and they arent going to wear them, no matter how many times they are told to. it is human instinct not to be restrained by a fabric in a loop fashin

your arguments are also dumb and don't relate to the flash video

Zelda's Quest Zelda's Quest

Rated 5 / 5 stars


oh my god that was hilairious!
I almost died of laughing!
But I do not understand the bit with hitler and the dress?

BrerSteve responds:

It went a little something like this:
Steve: Hmm, what should I do next for this animation?
Matt: I'd like to see Hitler wearing a dress...
Steve: OH OH! And someone can ask him if that's a dress he's wearing and he'll just yell out NEIN! PERFECT!
And then I animated it. That was it. It was conceived of randomly and thus added randomly.